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Customers Benefit

GPA is a National Sales and Manufacturing Alliance which creates significant customer benefits. The greatest benefit is our aggregate sales volume. The combined volume lowers procurement costs across our system and when coupled with our Technology Platform (design, ordering, and tracking) delivers an unmatched e-Commerce solution.

What We Offer:

GPA is your fast growing national option for managing your packaging requirements. Along with our diverse group of manufacturers, we have invested in the industry’s leading customer support systems, systems that simplify and speed up the process. Our Technology solutions operate from your computer, tablet and even your smartphone, making material quoting, ordering and even tracking easily accessible. You can even reorder through the simple scan of a bar code.

We have aligned our members and associate members to produce a broad range of packaging products in an expanding geographic footprint. Supporting both our customers and manufacturers is our Alliance Packaging Black Belt team, who supply the expertise to continuously reduce cost and build in-plant efficiencies.

GlobalPac’s Supply Chain Approach

GlobalPac's Supply Chain Approach to Cost Savings

Gaining substantial cost reductions are rare in most packaging programs after multiple bids have been conducted over time. GPA’s Packaging Black Belts deliver solutions that usually exceed savings typically generated by the normal bid process. Using next generation material options and engineered solutions, GPA meets functional requirements, reduces performance failures and helps control freight costs – all adding up to better cost reductions in customers’ supply chains.

Working together makes all of this happen.

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